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An Australian web software consultancy focused on

Modern web applications, cloud services and developing strategies to empower business.

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11 Years Experience

Developing web software

$20+ Million

Products shipped with our software

Built to Spec

Software that is tuned to your business

Responsive Design

We build for desktop, tablet and mobile


New Projects

We work with you to take your next web project from concept to delivery. We deliver finished products drawing from our skills in application programming, database design, cloud service integrations, 3rd party APIs and user interface design. Our agile workflow means we can get something working fast.

Maintenance & Bug Fixes

We eat bugs for breakfast. Software bugs, that is! In the fast moving online world, the only constant is change. Existing solutions break down. Business requirements change. Servers become slow and overloaded. We can help you keep pace by modernising your systems.

Support, Education & Mastery

Software should empower business, not frustrate the person using it. In many cases, a few minutes of human contact can resolve something that would take hours on your own. That is why we also offer ongoing support and training in the software and technology that we use.



A Brief History

Coding Labs (formerly Thomas Multimedia) is a web development business founded in 2005 and based on the Gold Coast, Australia.

We have over 10 years experience in creating complex websites and web services. We keep a keen eye on the ever-evolving frontier of digital technology so that we can provide our clients with the smartest, most durable solutions available.

If you view technology as a crucial, fundamental part of your business - something that is refined over time - then you share our views on the importance of web software in enabling success.

How We Operate

Many businesses love to claim they "understand your business"; our point of difference is that we literally write code that matches your business rules, and build automated tests to ensure they are never broken - at least not via our software!

Our purpose is to help you develop a launchpad, and it begins with reviewing your systems and figuring out how we can compliment or restructure them with technology.

The end goal is always to build web software that you, your staff and your customers will love to use, following the vision you have.

Meet the team...

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

Lead Developer & Director
With a history in computer tinkering and website development spanning back to the late 1990s, founding a web development business was a natural progression for Steve.
Rhys Hutchison

Rhys Hutchison

After graduating a Diploma of Software Development with flying colours, Rhys arrived at Coding Labs displaying rare abilities in both computing and table tennis.


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