The importance of paying off Technical Debt

Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas
10th Feb

Technical debt is the consequence of several actions (or inactions) in web application development:

  • Reaching for short term fixes that become the problem of some future developer; In a karmic twist, this is often the same developer who wrote the original code.
  • Allowing projects and hosting environments to decay, failing to patch Operating Systems, project dependencies such as frameworks and 3rd party libraries.
  • Neglecting feedback / analytics that are pointing to emerging, costly bottlenecks.

The nasty reality of technical debt, as opposed to financial debt, is that you incur technical debt simply by doing nothing, and the payback tends to grow exponentially the longer you leave it.

Technical debt is a by-product of rapid, continuous technological change; with no foreseeable end in sight.

Fortunately, there is a simple remedy - treat your web presence as an investment in your business and your future, and know that the act of nurturing also gives you the opportunity to multiply the benefits that led you to build a web application in the first place.