We have figured out a few important lessons about building a career in web technology at Coding Labs:

  1. No educational achievement, be it a TAFE Diploma or even a Graduate Degree and beyond, will prepare an aspiring developer for the commercial realities of web development
  2. What you learn at TAFE / Uni today about web technologies is almost definitely out-of-date
  3. Tenacious, self-motivated developers who lack experience generally do pretty well when given some direction

As employers in a regional city like the Gold Coast, we not only want to pro-actively improve the pool of candidates available to us when we recruit, but also do our bit to raise the bar for the entire local tech industry.

In response, we have developed Bootcamp: an intensive 9-week course for driven junior web developers.

Successful applicants will be required to commit to one day per week on-location at our offices in Burleigh Heads. We also highly recommend setting aside some additional time to conduct your own study.

During the course, you will work on a non-commercial project, using the same tools and processes we use at Coding Labs to produce professional level web applications.

Past graduates

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Bootcamp #1

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Bootcamp #1

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Bootcamp #1



Week 1: Hello, World!

Week 2: Tailwind Basics

Week 3: Movie App Project

Week 4: MVP

Week 5: Intro to Laravel

Week 6: Databases in Laravel

Week 7: Database Driven App

Week 8: Relations

Week 9: Testing